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‘Full many a gem of purest ray serene

The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,

And waste its sweetness on the desert air’.


Talent, if not recognized or nurtured, tends to diminish and fade away. The loss of such talent for the want of opportunity to bloom has been the sad tale of many a promising student of the region over the years.

While understanding the tremendous talent innate among the school students of Assam, SOFURA will conduct a State level Talent Discovery and Scholarship Examination for the students of Class III to Class VIII in various centres all over the state.

The SOFURA Talent Discovery & Scholarship Examination is a flagship activity of SOFURA Educational Trust which has been, over the years, conducting such examinations for students of the vernacular medium schools. This year, it proposes to organise a similar test for students of the English medium schools of the state. The purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students and nurture their talent. It proposes to honour and help talented students by providing a one time scholarship ranging from Rs.20,000/- to Rs.500/-. Talent refers to the potentiality that manifests itself in a high level of overall performance in the Talent Discovery examination. The examination, therefore, covers areas like Language, Mathematics, Mental Ability, General Knowledge and Social Sciences (SEBA & CBSE syllabi)


Main Objectives:

1. To identify and reward the talent in students studying in class III to classVIII in English medium schools.

2. To promote among the students, a healthy competition for earningrecognition through studies.

3. To provide an opportunity for talented students to earn substantial financialassistance for pursuing higher studies.

4. To make students familiar with the patterns and procedures of competitiveexaminations.

5. To provide a launching pad for success in examinations like the NationalTalent Search Exam.


Why take the Examination?

This examination is intended to familiarize the students with the Objective Type- Multiple Choice type of tests that they will have to sit for later on in their lives for entry into coveted jobs and careers.

Further, the best of the performers in the examination will be benefited by the Sofura Scholarships. These scholarships are meant to act as an encouragement to the students for performing better in their future academic endeavours. Even students who do not succeed in winning the scholarships will be awarded certificates that will boost their morals for trying harder in the future.

The SOFURA Talent Discovery & Scholarship Test will be an annual affair and there will be no restrictions on the number of attempts by students to appear in it.


Classes or training will be imparted by experienced Artists and Teachers on every Saturday (from 3 pm to 5 pm) and Sunday (from 10 am to 5 pm) at MaharshiVidyaMandir, Silpukhuri, Guwahati-781003. The duration of each class in 2 hours.


A monthly observation about the mental health of the students will be performed by an eminent psychologist.


Facilities for appearing in the National Level Examinations will also be provided. Reputed artists of National fame will be invited to conduct workshops. Programmes of music, dnace, acting and art exhibition will be held every six-month to exhibit performances of the students.

Admission fee Rs. 1000/- and monthly fees Rs. 500/-

SAFURA Summer Camp  -  An eye opener:


The Children’s Summer Camp organized on an annual basis by SOFURA, has over the years earned great support from the children and guardians alike as a fun filled way of imbibing the moral spirit and academic prudence among the children of the region. The major focus is to bring out the best amongst children with activities like dancing, singing, quiz programmes, magic shows, mime shows and acting, and they surely did not miss out on any chance to surface their potential. Children are taught the importance of family, and the ethics and values that make the Indian culture so persuasive.

These Summer Camps offer the opportunity for attendees to gain a wide exposure to different people in different walks of life. Campers come from diverse socio-economic classes, different backgrounds and different family structures. Therefore, the development of compassion and empathy for fellow human beings is a core social development area. Camps offer children opportunities to share stories around a campfire, to contribute their thoughts, ideas and suggestions. As children acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of other children, it is natural to develop compassion for each other. Learning to be understanding, to be civil and accepting of other individuals is intended to aid campers in social situations as they grow older and particularly as they become adults.



The Summer Camps organized by Sofura are unique in the sense that they target the following goals:

1. Choice – The camps offer a wide choice of subjects that range from Brain Teasers to Scientific Projec

ts, Lessons on Good Behaviour, Story Telling, Recitation, Magic, Mime, Music, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Technology and the like. Summer camp is where children often discover their passions and their talents.

2. Confidence - At the end of the summer, campers are ready for school because they have mastered new skills, learned to be part of a team. They are buoyed by these successes, which carry them forward into the next session at school.

3. Character Building - It is at camp where the underachieving child suddenly takes a leadership role in a science project; the shy child assumes the lead role in a dramatic production; a clumsy child learns she excels in puppetry. All of these experiences build character and develop leadership skills.


4. Community - Children are under the same roof and with the same adults and peers for about two week. Many camps create a close-knit community among staff, parents and children — something that typically doesn't happen in the school year.

5. Mentoring - In the past few years, scientific research has shown that the single biggest predictor of success for young people is the presence of one or more non-parent adults in a child’s life.

6. FUN! - Ask children about their summer camp experiences and you will hear "I live for summer camp," "I can't wait for the summer to come," and "Summer camp is where I found my best friends." Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy while they learn. The Sofura summer camp is a right-of-passage that is never forgotten. It only takes the smell of a campfire or the melody of a camp song to open the memory flood gates and bring people back to time of camaraderie, anticipation, and joy.



Sofura Talent Search Examination 2017

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The most popular Assamese Children Magazine, at present, is the one and only 'SOFURA'. The magazine was launched from Bani Prakash, Guwahati in 1982, the Chief-pioneer in introducting this magazine was Mr. Ambika Pada Choudhury, a noted Assamese writer. Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia, the famous literateur, playwright and film producer was the founder editor of this magazine. It is said that the publication of 'SOFURA' was a milestone in the history of Assamese Children Magazine. Previously, it was published as a 'monthly magazine', but later on, due to various reasons it was published as a bi-monthly. About ninety issues were published till its last issue in 1996. Sofura stopped its publication in 1996.


Though the publication of 'SOFURA' was stopped, the pioneer Mr. Ambika Pada Choudhury didn't lost hope of its revival. He entrusted Mr. Dhiraj Goswami, an efficient publisher of Assam Book Hive and he was already associated with the management of 'SOFURA' the responsibility of restarting the publication of 'SOFURA'. Due to the efficient management quality of Mr. Goswami, the successful publicatio of Sofura began for the second time in March, 2002 with Dr.Bhabendranath Saikia as the editor for the second time.


In 2002, about 3000 copies of 'SOFURA' were sold. Today, 'SOFURA' is the highest circulated Assamese Children Magazine with about 15,000 copies sold this year. The popularity of the magazine is much more in Upper Assam if compared to that in Lower Assam. After the demise of Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia in 2003, Mr. Kumud Goswami was entrusted the responsibility and he became the editor of the magazine. At present Rupam Barua is the honorary editor of 'SOFURA'.


The unique characteristic of 'SOFURA' is its cover-design. It is filled with the colourful drawings and paintings of children and the name of the artist also appears at the back page of the contents. This has indeed created a great interest among the children. In the editorial, 'Hope you are well', the editor gives inspiring messages and advises the young generation. Various articles, poems, stories, news items, jokes, letter to the editor etc. are published in this magazine. The editor always stresses on correct spellings for which he follows Chandrakanta Abhidhan- an Assamese dictionary, as well as on uniformity of language. The poems of 'SOFURA' are humorous but have a moral in them. The children can learn amazing facts of science in the science stories.



Sofura Scholarship  Prize Distribution  Ceremony 2017



Sofura Summer Camp 2017



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