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The most popular Assamese Children Magazine, at present, is the one and only ‘Sofura’. The magazine was launched from Bani Prakash, Guwahati in 1982. The Chief-pioneer in introducing this magazine was Mr. Ambika Pada Choudhury, a noted Assamese writer Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia, the famous literature, playwright and film producer was the founder editor of this magazine. It is said that the publication of Sofura was a milestone in the history of Assamese Children Magazine. Previously, it was published as a bi-monthly. About ninety issues were published till its last issue in 1996, Sofura stopped its publication in 1996.

Though the publication of Sofura was stopped, the pioneer Mr. Ambika Pada Choudhury didn't lost hope of its revival. He entrusted Mr. Dhiraj Goswami, an efficient publisher of Assam Book Hive and was already associated with the management of Sofura. The responsibility of restarting the publishing of Sofura due to the efficient management quality of Mr. Goswami, the successful publication of Sofura began for the second time in March 2002 with Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia as the editor for the second time.

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